• Soul Brew Liberation Sessions: Dr. Elliot Malamet

    In celebration of the Passover season, we’re brewing the spirit of liberation at Beth Tzedec with Soul Brew: Liberation Sessions. This short series of conversations with artists, scholars and activists, led by Rabbi Rachel “Bluth” Rosenbluth, will explore slavery, climate change, racial justice, spiritual liberation and gender.

    Dr. Elliot Malamet is a renowned contemporary thinker, originally from Toronto and now based in Jerusalem. He teaches literature at the Hebrew University and Jewish thought at a variety of Israeli institutions. To hear more of his teachings, visit Living Jewishly, where you’ll find his insightful blogging on Jewish ethics and new podcast series on Judaism and mental health.


    Soul Brew Liberation Series Created, Produced and Hosted by: Rabbi Rachel Rosenbluth, with Beth Tzedec Congregation

    Original Music “Min HaMeitzar” by: Aviva Chernick, Artist-in-Residence

    Editor and Co-Producer: Arianna Skibell

    Logo by: Jason Pivovitsch

    And a special thank you to Linda Marleny Dow, Rabbi Steven Wernick, Emet Ezell and Joel Pearl.

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